About NSOMS Courses

As the leaders in advanced dental implantology in New Zealand, the surgeons at NSOMS train, educate, and mentor other dentists and dental specialists from around Australasia. Dr. Han Choi also regularly presents at conferences around the world about our unique digital workflow.

All in-house training courses are certified and recognised by the New Zealand Dental Association.

Take a look at all our upcoming events below and, if you’d like to sign up or register your interest, simply fill in the form when prompted and we’ll be in touch.

Upcoming Events

Osstem Implant Master Course


North Shore Oral & Maxillofacial Facial Surgeons are partnering with Osstem Implant to run an extensive Master Course featuring local specialists and world renowned international speakers.

This Master Course has been designed to cover the full spectrum of implant dentistry that would cater to the needs of clinicians with beginner as well as advanced skills. The course will be covered over 2 years with theoretical, practical and hands on training.

Module 1-2: Implant Surgery Basics and Wisdom Tooth Extraction

April 2020

Basics of Single Implant Placement is a module suited for clinicians with beginner or intermediate level skills in implantology.

Module 1 will cover both theoretical, practical, restorative and complication management aspects of implantology.
Wisdom Teeth Extraction module will cover all about wisdom teeth extraction.

Module 3: Bone Grafting


Every clinician is aware of the clinical importance of bone grafting. Bone grafting procedure can range from a minor placement of bone granules around implants to a major block grafting and there are several factors that can affect successful outcome of this procedure.

The goal of this module is to simplify decision making and standardize treatment, thereby helping clinicians to apply a standardized approach to given clinical scenarios.

Module 4: Sinus Lifting & Ridge Splitting


Sinus lifting module will aim to teach techniques like simple crestal sinus lifting; which can easily be incorporated into clinicians’ daily practice and lateral sinus lifting technique for advanced clinicians.

Hands-on training will be provided during this module. Participants will also be introduced to equipment and kits used for surgery like Piezo, Densah Burs, CAS Kit, ONECAS Kit and ESSEX Kit.

Module 5 Soft Tissue Management


Soft tissue and its management are critical around both natural teeth and implants. It plays a crucial role in achieving the desired aesthetic outcome, hygiene and longevity of the treatment.

Soft tissue management module will help clinicians understand the techniques to improve volume and quantity of soft tissue. Different techniques pertaining to grafting like connective tissue graft, free gingival graft, flap design and suturing techniques will be covered. Hands-on training is included in this module.

Module 6: Full Arch Implant Rehabilitation


With rapidly changing demographics of our current population, there has been an increase in number of patients who are either terminally dentate or edentulous.

This module will cover both surgical and restorative aspect of full arch rehabilitation. Participants will also be taught treating these full arch cases following analogue as well as full digital workflow.

Past Events


I picked up some great tips that will improve my workflow, patient outcomes and their experience.

The practice is really amazing. One of the best facilities I have visited.

I particularly like the team approach – the staff, the technicians, and surgeons – all working together for the best interest of the patients.

Dr Choi had some challenging patients. Not from a surgical point of view – his surgery skills and placement was excellent – but more their management. The end result was amazing and their confidence definitely regained.

Dr. Adrian Kat

Our Surgeons

Dr Han Choi

BDS (Otago), MBChB (Otago), MDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery with Distinction, Otago)

Dr Han Choi

Specialist Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Director

BDS (Otago), MBChB (Otago), MDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery with Distinction, Otago)

Dr Choi graduated with BDS, MBChB and MDS (with distinction) from University of Otago, School of Dentistry in Dunedin. His clinical focus is in wisdom teeth extractions and simple to advanced dental treatment. In particular, he has a special interest in advanced bone grafting procedures, full mouth implant rehabilitation (All-on-4 and Zygoma implants) and digital implant dentistry.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr Choi lectures and presents extensively, both at national and international conferences, symposiums and meetings. Dr Choi is a well-respected speaker for world leading implant manufacturers and digital dentistry such as NobelBiocare, Osstem and 3 Shape. He also presents numerous hands-on training programs including live surgical demonstrations.

At NSOMS Dr Choi runs interactive learning and training courses for his colleagues in wisdom teeth extractions, basic implantology, bone grafting, All-on-4 and Zygoma implants. All-on-4 procedure is one of the major scopes of practice procedures performed routinely by Dr Choi. Dr Choi is one of the surgeons that have performed the most of All-on-4 procedures in New Zealand to date and he is teaching, sharing his knowledge and experience with other clinicians nationally and internationally.

Dr Sam Goldsmith

BDS (Otago), Doctorate of Clinical Dentistry (Oral Surgery, Otago)

Dr Sam Goldsmith

Specialist Oral Surgeon, Director

BDS (Otago), Doctorate of Clinical Dentistry (Oral Surgery, Otago)

Dr Goldsmith graduated from the University of Otago with a Clinical Doctorate in Oral Surgery after spending nine years in Dunedin studying and conducting doctoral clinical research.  He has a special interest in reducing pain and swelling after wisdom tooth removal through the implementation of various techniques.  Dr Goldsmith also specialises in dental implant treatment including analogue as well as digital fully guided single and multiple implant placement. He performs surgeries for Implant Supported Overdentures, Implant supported full fixed dental replacement including All-On-4 and Straumann Pro Arch (Full mouth implant rehabilitation).

Dr Goldsmith is a fully registered, Otago trained Specialist Oral Surgeon. He has been a director and Oral Surgeon at NSOMS since 2015.  Prior to practicing on the North Shore he practiced for 5 years in Hawkes Bay as a Specialist Oral Surgeon both in private practice and contracting for Hawkes Bay Hospital. Dr Goldsmith has practiced and tutored students at the Dunedin Public Hospital and the University of Otago.

During these roles he acquired a wealth of experience in the management of oral diseases and disorders, the removal of wisdom teeth, apical surgery, dental implant surgery and associated procedures, among other oral surgical procedures.