Osstem Implant Master Course 2022-2023

North Shore Oral & Maxillofacial Facial Surgeons are partnering with Osstem Implant to run an extensive Master Course featuring local specialists and world renowned international speakers.

This Master Course has been designed to cover the full spectrum of implant dentistry that would cater to the needs of clinicians with beginner as well as advanced skills. The course will be covered over 2 years with theoretical, practical and hands on training.

There are 6 modules in this Master Course that will cover Basics of Single Implant, Wisdom Teeth Extraction, Bone Grafting, Sinus Lifting and Ridge Splitting, Soft Tissue Management and Full Arch Implant Rehabilitation.

For full details about each module and the lecturers, please click on the “Learn More” tab under each module on the course schedule below.

This Master Course includes:

7 Day Trip to Brazil – 4 Days Live Surgery
Basic & Advanced Techniques
Local Course of International Standard
Each Module Lecture & Hands-On
Laboratory Technician Involvement For Surgical Guide and Prosthesis Design

Course Fees

Module 1-6: Full Course

Clinicians are able to purchase individual modules as per their need.

Course Schedule

Day 1: TBC
Introduction & Pros I – Restorative Assessment for Implants
Day 2: TBC
Pros II – Restorative Procedures for Implants
Days 3-9: TBC
Implant Introduction
Implant Planning
Implant Surgery, Flap Design and Suture
Extraction Site Assessment
Live Surgery Demonstration – Q&A
Days 10-15: TBC
Live Surgery – Brazil
Day 16: TBC
Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Day 17-18: TBC

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Day 19-20: TBC

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Day 21-22: TBC

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Day 23-24: TBC

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For additional information or queries, please email Charlotte at [email protected] or call on 0210 819 8678.