At NSOMS, we use the latest tools and technology at our disposal to ensure a quality service for all our patients. We are continually exploring new ideas and developments in the dental industry, and we are the first in New Zealand to utilise I-CAT 3D scan technology to enhance our consultative experience.

Digital Implantology

We are leaders in digital implantology, using the most advanced skill and technology with our state-of-art equipment.

Our digital implant workflow allows you to see not only the expected treatment outcome before anything gets started but also allows our surgeons to accurately place your implants for the best results. This means your surgery will be much safer, less invasive, and highly predictable.

Modern State Of The Art Equipment

We are the first clinic in NZ to install:

  • State of art I-CAT 3D scan to capture details of the jaw
  • Highly advanced intraoral scanner to capture minor details of the teeth and gums

These technologies afford us the ability to get a more thorough, detailed overview of work that may need to be done on your teeth and gums. It’s leaps ahead of conventional dental x-rays, offering a digital, modern solution to millennia-old challenges.

We are the only clinic in New Zealand to use PiC Camera technology (precise implant capture). This revolutionary camera allows us to create reliable, fast, and accurate digital recreations of your teeth so we can map out our procedures more efficiently than ever before.

Our Digital Implant Workflow

  1. Planning

    We can virtually plan your surgery using a computer software. We will design a tooth in its most desirable position first and using this information we will then identify the most favourable position and size of the dental implant. You can also see the virtual plan to visualise the expected outcome of your treatment before we start the surgery.

  2. Fabrication of Surgical Guide

    Based on the plan, we can fabricate a surgical guide using a 3D printer that will allow us to reproduce the virtual planning in actual surgery

  3. Digital Milling

    We can also digitally mill a temporary crown and fit it onto the implant on the same day of your surgery so you do not have to leave our clinic with a gap of missing tooth