Tried and Tested Methods

Zygomatic implants have been a working solution for over 25 years.

The chief benefit is that it avoids bone grafting and the problems associated with it such as bone grafting failure, infection, multiple surgeries, and prolonged treatment duration.


Immediate Function

Patients leave the clinic with a new fixed set of teeth immediately after surgery, allowing you to get back to enjoying your life sooner.


Specialist Care

Our team of surgeons have a wealth of experience when it comes to Zygomatic implants, and have seen the results of this procedure first hand.

We are proud advocates of this technology because we know how significantly it has impacted the lives of our clients.

Zygoma is a graftless treatment that also offers a broad choice of temporary prosthetic options.

When it comes to time-to-teeth and patient satisfaction, Zygoma is one the most immediately satisfying implant technologies in the market.

Because you leave the surgery with a fixed prosthesis, you can get back to living your life sooner (albeit with new confidence that comes with an unashamed smile).

Instead of requiring bone grafting, the implants anchor to the zygomatic bone, simplifying the surgical process and affording faster results.

If you’d like to discover if this treatment is the right one for you, call us or book a consultation today.

Our Treatment Process

  1. Pre-treatment & Consultation

    This treatment isn’t the perfect option for everyone so the consultation is an important step in confirming the approach.

  2. Implant Procedure

    Our surgeons place the dental implant. You will leave with a fixed prosthesis.

  3. Healing & Follow-up

    After a few months your implants have fully healed and you will be referred back to your dentist or Dental Technician to make or adjust your dentures to these to provide a much more stable set of teeth.

    If you do not currently have a dentist, we can recommend one for you.

Treatment Duration:
2 hours

Approx. Recovery Time:
2 weeks

Approx. Sessions Required: