Wisdom Tooth Removal

Removal of your wisdom teeth may be necessary if they have not come through correctly, are starting to decay, are infected, are painful, or starting to impact your surrounding teeth. You may also want to remove them now to prevent these issues occurring in the future.


Protect Your Teeth & Avoid Pain

Once inflammation sets in, it’s very difficult to alleviate, and it easily spreads to surrounding areas. In addition, when a tooth is partially impacted, a separation between it and the gums creates a breeding ground for bacteria, which dramatically increases the risk of infection.


A Better Smile

When wisdom teeth erupt, they try to enter an already crowded area. With little room to move into, neighboring teeth are often pushed aside, resulting in misalignment. Whether your beautiful smile is thanks to braces or genetics, wisdom teeth can undo a straight smile as well as completely unravel years of dental work.


Easier To Maintain Good Dental Hygiene

If you experience no pain or obvious complications with the arrival of your wisdom teeth, your future dental hygiene may still be at risk. More than likely, space is at a minimum, and it can be difficult to properly brush and floss around a wisdom tooth.

Wisdom teeth can do more than overcrowd their neighbors. In fact, they can damage the adjacent second molars by contributing to bone loss and cavities.

An impacted wisdom tooth can also lead to tiny tumours or cysts in the jawbone. These can grow quite large and are best removed early to prevent problems.

Here at NSOMS we offer removal of your wisdom teeth with:

A Specialist Level Of Care

While the removal of a wisdom tooth is a fairly common procedure, you can have full confidence in our surgeons’ knowledge and expertise as they perform simple-to-complicated surgeries every day.

Purpose-Built Clinic Using Advanced Technology

We use the latest technology and best-practice techniques in the industry to provide a superior service. We grow, learn, and improve upon our methods to get the best results.

A Trusted & Experienced Team

With our years of experience performing wisdom tooth removals, we’re confident that you won’t find a better team to take on the task.

If you would like to discuss this treatment further, please call us or request an appointment.

Our Treatment Process

  1. Referral

    We take referrals from dentists across the country as well as self-referrals from patients.

  2. Consultation

    We book a time with you to assess your needs and to find a treatment plan that works for you.

  3. Surgery and Follow-Up

    Following the procedure, we’ll arrange a one-week catch up to ensure your recovery is moving along at the right pace. From there, we’ll discharge you back to the care of your dentist.

"I had my impacted wisdom teeth removed by Dr Han Choi a couple of weeks ago. I could not have been happier with the whole experience.

I was extremely anxious about the procedure but it was a breeze and I had no swelling afterwards. Great work!"

Clare Newbury

Treatment Duration:
40-60 minutes

Approx. Recovery Time:
1 week

Approx. Sessions Required: