Enjoy All The Foods You Love

With All-on-4 dental implants, your new teeth will feel and function just like real teeth. Improve your overall eating habits with the All-on-4 procedure. You can enjoy food again, and not be embarrassed when you eat.


Improve Your Appearance

Put 20 years back into your smile! The All-on-4 procedure helps preserve the jawbone, preventing deterioration of the facial structure associated with missing teeth and the root system that supports them.

You’ll have greater comfort and confidence when smiling, speaking, and eating. You’ll look better. You’ll feel better. You’ll have a renewed quality of life!


Improved Health and Wellbeing

The All-on-4 dental implant procedure helps create a healthier mouth by reducing the chance of periodontal disease, a bacteria- induced chronic infection and inflammatory disease.

The end result is a permanent set of teeth with a fixed, non-removable, implant-supported retained bridge. They never have to be removed. Your teeth can last a lifetime.

In 1998, Dr Paulo Malo successfully treated the first patient with the All-on-4 treatment concept. Since then hundreds of thousands of patients have been successfully treated with this concept.

A Specialised All-On-4 Team

Provisional bridge surgery is performed by a specialist oral surgeon using a strong and aesthetically pleasing new set of teeth (Zirconia or acrylic) made by experienced dental technicians and dentists. A few months later, a final bridge is fitted.

A Digital Workflow for Computer-Precision Accuracy

3D scan and state-of-art intraoral scan to accurately plan and execute your surgery.

A State-Of-The-Art Theatre

Our theatre offers both general anaesthesia and IV sedation as well as a spacious and comfortable recovery area of four large beds in personalised space and four lazy-boys.

If you’d like to discover if this treatment is the right one for you, call us or book a consultation today.

Our Treatment Process

  1. Examination

    To ensure your treatment is delivered smoothly and safely we will take a Cone Beam CT scan, Intraoral scan and photographic records in order to plan your dental implant treatment.

  2. Planning

    We are then able to put this information into our state-of-the-art software which enables us to virtually plan your implant treatment.

  3. Surgery

    Your surgery will take anywhere between 90 minutes to 2 hours per arch. The surgery can be performed either under GA (general anaesthesia) or IV sedation.

  4. Provisional Bridge

    After the surgery, we will take you to our spacious and comfortable recovery room for you to rest.

    Once you have recovered, a temporary bridge will be fabricated and fitted onto the implants. This step will also take about 2 hours.

  5. Final Bridge

    A final bridge will be fabricated 4-6 months after the surgery.

What is All-On-4 and How Does it Work?

All-On-4 is one of the most advanced solutions for teeth replacement available in the market today. This is primarily for those who are missing more than a few teeth or who wish to have a full mouth of permanent, natural looking artificial teeth. The patient receives four dental implants, one on each quadrant of the mouth. These anchor a bridge of realistic and permanent replacement teeth. This avoids the inconvenience of an ill-fitting denture.

All-On-4 FAQ's

How long do All-On-4 teeth last?

These are designed as permanent replacements for your missing natural teeth. With the correct care, they should last for several years or even an entire lifetime.

Naturally when dealing with the human body, no guarantees are possible. It must be remembered that each patient is an individual whose needs are personal to that person and may be different to others. Therefore, you must keep this in mind with regard to your individual needs as they arise.

Do we put you to sleep to do dental implants?

Yes, this can be done with general anesthesia or IV sedation. Speak to us about the options.

How do you clean under All-On-4?

Routine teeth cleaning will involve brushing (preferably with an electric toothbrush), non-alcoholic mouthwash and flossing using X-FLOSS. We do recommend dental hygienist visits at three-month intervals.

patient is an individual whose needs are personal to that person and may be different to others. Therefore, you must keep this in mind with regard to your individual needs as they arise

Are All-On-4 implants good?

Yes, this is one of the top solutions available in the market today. They are strong, natural-looking, and give confidence in eating, drinking, and smiling.

How many teeth are in All-On-4?

4 dental implants in each jaw can support all the teeth on it, replacing the 14 teeth for each jaw.

What’s better: All-On-4 or All-On-6 dental implants?

An all-on-6 offers 2 more dental implants than all-on-4 treatments, so it provides additional stability. Whether this is necessary will depend on the individual conditions presented in each case.

Are All-On-4 dental implants removable?

No, the dental implants are fixed in place so you do not need to remove them at all.

Treatment Duration:
2 hours

Approx. Recovery Time:
5-7 days

Approx. Sessions Required: