Avoid the Risks of Unsecured Dentures

In modern dentistry, living with unsecured dentures has faded away from being the “gold standard” treatment for people who have lost all of their teeth (or just about to).

These traditional dentures may be inconveniently loose, painful and socially awkward at times. They may also stop you from eating many of the foods you once enjoyed. The way you speak may also be affected by these dentures.


Convenience, Comfort, and Confidence

Implant over dentures can result in a host of oral health benefits, in addition to renewed self-confidence and improved lifestyle.

They eliminate the need for creams or messy denture adhesives to keep the device stay firmly in place.

With this innovative prosthetic denture, your chewing efficiency improves, and you can eat every kind of food.


Easy Dental and Hygiene Maintenance

With their easy clip-on, snap-off functionality, you can take them out for proper cleaning and maintenance, then pop them back in for a beautiful, confident smile every day.

Implant supported dentures prevent the jawbone from resorbing.

North Shore Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons are the leading providers of Implant Retained Dentures in Auckland.

Implant Retained Dentures remove the hassles associated with conventional dentures, allow you to continue a full, healthy life without worry.

Where previous generations of dentures required regular maintenance, Implant Retained Dentures offer a simple solution that, thanks to NSOMS the team, allows you to get on with doing the things you love without the need for constant check-ups.

Long gone are the days of wondering whether a sneeze will send your dentures flying across the room. Implant Retained Dentures are secure, comfortable, and made to fit.

If you’d like to discover if this treatment is the right one for you, call us or book a consultation today.

Our Implant Retained Dentures Treatment Process

  1. Pre-treatment & Consultation

    The treatment is separated into two parts; Surgical and Denture (aesthetic).

    Implant Retained Dentures use two or four implants in the lower arch and four implants in the upper arch which allow your dentures to be clipped on and off.

  2. Implant Procedure

    Our surgeons place the dental implant.

  3. Healing & Follow-up

    After a few months your implants have fully healed and you will be referred back to your dentist or Dental Technician to make or adjust your dentures to these to provide a much more stable set of teeth.

    If you do not currently have a dentist, we can recommend one for you.

Treatment Duration:
2 hours

Approx. Recovery Time:
2 weeks

Approx. Sessions Required: