Osstem Implant Master Course 2022-2023

North Shore Oral & Maxillofacial Facial Surgeons are partnering with Osstem Implant to run an extensive Master Course featuring local specialists and world renowned international speakers.

Module 1-2: Implant Surgery Basics and Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Basic of Single Implant Placement is a module suited for clinicians with beginner or intermediate level skills in implantology. Module 1 will cover both theoretical, practical, restorative and complication management aspects of implantology. This module includes hands-on experience in digital planning using the TRIOS IOS and Dental Desktop software suite. There will be a live surgery demonstration before travelling to Brazil. In Brazil clinicians will experience treating live patients for 4 full days. These surgeries will be carried out under the guidance of Prof. Alexander Salvoni and Dr. Han Choi.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction module will cover all about wisdom teeth extraction. Patient assessment, treatment planning and surgical execution along with techniques to deal with impacted teeth in different angulation, flap design and suture are all part of this module.

Course Fee

Module 1-2: Implant Surgery Basics, Prosthetics, Live Surgery and Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Module 1: Implant Surgery Basics, Prosthetics and Live Surgery

Venue: NSOMS
Lecturers: Dr. Han Choi & Dr. Alan Payne

Day 1: TBC


Pros I – Restorative Assessment for Implants

  • Restorative Assessment, Planning & Treatment
  • Healing Abutment Choice & Temporary Options and Design of Temporary Crowns
  • Impression Taking : Analogue, Digital and Custom Impression Coping Fabrication

Day 2: TBC

Pros II – Restorative Procedures for Implants

  • Soft Tissue/Emergence Profile
  • Abutment Selection for Final Prosthesis
  • Maintenance and Complication Management

Days 3-9: TBC

Implant Introduction

  • Introduction to Dental Implant Surgery
  • Sterile Technique
  • Setting Up Your Practice
  • Anatomy

Implant Planning

  • Surgical Assessment
  • CT Assessment
  • Digital Planning – Trios & Implant Studio (3 Shape)
  • Guide Fabrication

Implant Surgery, Flap Design and Suture

  • Freehand vs Guided Surgery
  • Flap Design
  • Suture Technique
  • Hands-On: Free Hand and Guided Implant Placement on Model

Extraction Site Assessment

  • Socket Grafting
  • Socket Shield
  • Immediate Implant Placement
  • Immediate Temporisation


  • Complications
  • Introduction to Simple Bone Grafting and Materials
  • Peri-Implantitis

Live Surgery Demonstration – Q&A

Days 10-15: TBC

Location: Brazil
Lecturer: Prof. Alexander Salvoni

Live Surgery – Brazil

  • Theoretical Training
  • 4 Days of Live Surgery
  • Each Participant to Place 10 to 15 Implant & Assist Fellow Participants in Placement of Additional Implants

Module 2: Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Venue: NSOMS
Lecturer: Dr. Han Choi

Day 16: TBC

  • All About Wisdom Teeth Extraction
  • Assessment, Treatment Planning and Execution
  • Flap Design, Suture
  • Techniques to Deal with Impacted Teeth in Different Angulation
  • Coronectomy
  • Complications

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For additional information or queries, please email Charlotte at [email protected] or call on 0210 819 8678.


Dr. Han Choi

BDS, MBChB MDS (Otago)

I completed my Bachelor of Dental Science at the University of Otago, subsequently training as an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, achieving my medical degree and Master of Dental Surgery in 2011. Within my clinic North Shore Oral Surgeons in Northcote Auckland, I utilise cutting edge technology to digitally plan implant cases ranging from simple to advanced like bone grafting and full arch rehabilitation. My passion for education drives me to regularly attend overseas courses further expanding my skill set. As I enjoy sharing my expertise, I train practitioners both nationally and internationally. I decided to take up the position as Course Director for the Osstem Master Course as I believe it is important to provide continuous education to New Zealand practitioners. In conjunction with several world renown guest lecturers, we aim to share our clinical knowledge and experience with the participants.

Dr. Alan Payne

BDS MDent (Witw) DDSc (Otago) FCD (SA)

Dr Alan GT Payne is specialist prosthodontist at both NorthShore Oral and Maxillo-facial and Oral Surgeons (NSOMS) and Northland Prosthodontics in New Zealand. Having worked within the field of oral implantology since the 1980’s, he has experienced the evolution of treatment options with historical analogue approaches to current state of the art full digital workflows. With a significant past in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate prosthodontics and oral implantology, he has also supervised numerous international doctorate research students. He has previously lectured by invitation internationally with more than 75 publications, three book chapters and two Cochrane Collaboration systematic reviews, coupled with a high citation index. He currently serves as a member of editorial boards and reviewer for noteworthy peer-reviewed journals in oral implantology and prosthodontics.

Prof. Alexander Salvoni

DDS, MscD, PhD

Dr. Alexander Salvoni studied Dentistry at Methodist University of Sao Paulo and Oral Pathology at University of Sao Paulo. He is professor at Paulista Association of Dental Surgeons and is a specialist in implantology. Dr. Salvoni dedicates his career to teaching the new generation of Implantologists. He is an internationally recognized expert on the zygomatic technique having placed more than 1000 zygomatic implants. He is a coordinator of post-graduate education in Sao Paulo, Brazil and clinicians from all around the world come to his clinic to learn and practice this technique. Dr. Salvoni is a dedicated educator always searching for the best the best techniques to teach his students and to treat his patients.