Osstem Implant Master Course 2022-2023

Module 6: Full Arch Implant Rehabilitation

With rapidly changing demographics of our current population, there has been an increase in number of patients who are either terminally dentate or edentulous.

Clinicians understand the limitations of conventional removable dentures. We also historically know that, bone grafting in atrophic jaw prior to placing implants will not only prolong the duration of treatment but is also highly unpredictable. The modern graftless solution using a combination of conventional and tilted implants (Zygoma and Pterygoid) is now a preferred method of treatment. Engaging the implants in patients’ natural bone gives high primary stability of the implants which allows for immediate loading of the fixed prosthesis.

This module will cover both surgical and restorative aspect of full arch rehabilitation. Participants will also be taught treating these full arch cases following analogue as well as full digital workflow. Digital workflow utilising the most up to date technology for planning, surgery and data acquisition for prosthesis fabrication will be included along with hand-on surgery and live surgery demonstration.

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Module 6: Full Arch Implant Rehabilitation

Module 6: Full Arch Implant Rehabilitation

Venue: Hotel
Lecturers: Dr. Han Choi & Dr. Alan Payne

Days 23-24: TBC

  • Graftless Approach
  • Treatment Planning
  • Surgical Concept and Technique
  • Immediate Loading Protocol with Temporary Bridges
  • Final Bridge Protocol
  • Analogue Workflow – Planning, Impression Taking, Denture Conversion to Temporary Bridges,
    Analogue Fabrication of Permanent Bridges
  • Digital Workflow – Planning, Digital Impression, Digital Fabrication of Temporary and Permanent Bridges
  • Maintenance and Complication Management
  • Hands-On Surgery – Model
  • Live Surgery Demonstration

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Dr. Han Choi

BDS, MBChB MDS (Otago)

I completed my Bachelor of Dental Science at the University of Otago, subsequently training as an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, achieving my medical degree and Master of Dental Surgery in 2011. Within my clinic North Shore Oral Surgeons in Northcote Auckland, I utilise cutting edge technology to digitally plan implant cases ranging from simple to advanced like bone grafting and full arch rehabilitation. My passion for education drives me to regularly attend overseas courses further expanding my skill set. As I enjoy sharing my expertise, I train practitioners both nationally and internationally. I decided to take up the position as Course Director for the Osstem Master Course as I believe it is important to provide continuous education to New Zealand practitioners. In conjunction with several world renown guest lecturers, we aim to share our clinical knowledge and experience with the participants.

Dr. Alan Payne

BDS MDent (Witw) DDSc (Otago) FCD (SA)

Dr Alan GT Payne is specialist prosthodontist at both NorthShore Oral and Maxillo-facial and Oral Surgeons (NSOMS) and Northland Prosthodontics in New Zealand. Having worked within the field of oral implantology since the 1980’s, he has experienced the evolution of treatment options with historical analogue approaches to current state of the art full digital workflows. With a significant past in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate prosthodontics and oral implantology, he has also supervised numerous international doctorate research students. He has previously lectured by invitation internationally with more than 75 publications, three book chapters and two Cochrane Collaboration systematic reviews, coupled with a high citation index. He currently serves as a member of editorial boards and reviewer for noteworthy peer-reviewed journals in oral implantology and prosthodontics.