Zygoma Implants “Leave no patients behind” – Alternative to Bone Grafting

Posted on November 15, 2019

Our smiles are very valuable to us, that when decay and tooth loss occurs it can be such a blow to our confidence and makes us self-conscious of our smile. If you have been told that you require extensive bone grafting or you are not suitable for dental implants due to lack of bone in your jaw, then Zygoma Implants is the best option for you. With Zygoma implants, you will be able to have a fixed set of teeth and become free from dentures that are loose, bulky and cumbersome.

So let’s take a look into what exactly a zygomatic implant is.

What are Zygomatic Implants?

Zygomatic implants are tooth implants that are anchored into the cheekbone, known as the zygoma, rather than the jaw bone itself. It is an option when you do not have enough bone to the point where standard dental implants are impractical. The zygoma bone in nature is a very strong bone and it is one of the best bone to anchor the implants.

Who should get this done?

Zygomatic Implants are an effective option for denture wearers who do not have enough bone in the jaw. It is also an option for patients with terminal dentition (requiring all teeth to be extracted) who also do not have enough bone to hold the base of a standard dental implant, as is often the case with tumour resection, trauma, atrophy, and ageing. They can be used in patients with heavily deteriorated teeth, no teeth at all, or very mobile teeth, caused by diseases such as generalised aggressive periodontitis (gum disease), and are effective in cases where standard dental implants have failed to hold, and where other bone grafting operations have been futile.

Benefits of Zygomatic Implants?

1. No block bone grafting or sinus lifting

Bone grafting and sinus lifting procedures can be lengthy and invasive, with multiple treatments needed and significant discomfort. In contrast, zygomatic implants are a single-stage procedure, with implants able to be conducted in the same timeframe as natural teeth extraction - meaning that your implants will be done in only one sitting! As much as we enjoy your company, this will mean fewer return visits for you.

2. Zygomatic Implants have immediate results ('immediate loading')

This means you’ll be receiving a fixed set of teeth on the same day ('immediate loading'), fast-tracking you back to normality so you can enjoy eating, drinking, and with the renewed confidence that comes with regular speech and improved aesthetic!

The concept of immediate loading is impossible with bone grafting as the bone is weaker and it takes time to heal. In fact, it might take up to 6 - 12 months before you see the result. With zygoma implants, 'immediate loading' is possible as the implant anchors firmly onto your natural bone.

3. Safety first

Zygomatic Implants are less intrusive than an implant involving bone grafting or sinus-lifting, meaning your treatment will be safer, with less interference to the post-operative soft tissue, resulting in a faster, more comfortable, stress-free recovery time. Zygomatic implants are a safe and predictable procedure when performed by a specialist surgeon.

4. Cosmetic benefits

Zygomatic implants can be done on patients with heavily deteriorated teeth or even no teeth at all! Multiple angulations within the procedure create natural-looking results and a fuller, revitalised smile!

5. Zygomatic Implants are hassle-free

Your implant will act as a regular tooth and will require the same care as your other teeth. No extra time spent removing the tooth or separate cleaning, as you would have to with dentures!

6. Longevity

The overall stability of the zygoma bone in comparison to the maxilla means that your implants have a very high chance of long-term success without any repeat procedures! Studies on zygomatic implants show an overall success rate of 96% after 12 years, meaning no repeat procedures

How can I get the best results out of my implants?

  • Keep your mouth clean, especially during the healing process. Minimise any risk of bacterial infection by doing salt rinses or using a recommended mouth wash from your surgeon.
  • Overall good oral hygiene is a must! Floss, brush your teeth and use mouth-wash to get the most out of your new implants. Ultimately, treat your new implants as you would your normal teeth, you want them to last - so look after them accordingly!

We are here to help you gain back your dental health and confidence! To hear more about what we can do, talk quotes, or to book your consultation for Zygomatic Implants, call us now to speak with our experts at North Shore Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons.

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